Merry Christmas from the Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi

At the Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi, there’s a strong Christmas atmosphere!


This year, we’ve adorned everything with slightly different colors. We’ve added a touch of pink that expresses the desire to be in the company of people who exude tenderness.

A color that expresses the ease with which it can connect with everything around it through the senses.

A style that’s also defined among the new trends as “Shabby Style,” but also for the elegant Christmas tree.


Christmas is the season in which we must kindle the fire of hospitality at home and the warm flame of charity in the heart.

The welcome of Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi for this Christmas will be virtual, and we hope to welcome you in person to this enchanting place as soon as possible!

In the meantime, we leave you with this wonderful song, enjoy it…


Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi

  • Street Is Serras 23, street facing S.S. 195,
  • 09010 Sant’Anna Arresi
  • Sud Sardegna Italy
  • Phone +39 371 347 1456
  • Phone +39 348 933 2084

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