Explore the Grotta dei Baci in Candiani near Porto Pino | Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi

Explore the Grotta dei Baci in Candiani near Porto Pino

Welcome to our blog! Today, we take you on a journey to discover one of Sardinia’s hidden gems: the Grotta dei Baci located in the wonderful area of Candiani, close to Porto Pino. A magical place that promises unforgettable adventures amidst pristine nature and crystal-clear waters.

The Magic of the Grotta dei Baci

The Grotta dei Baci is situated below the promontory of Punta Menga, hidden among the jagged rocks and transparent waters of the Candiani cliff. This enchanting place can be reached by crossing the picturesque Candiani pine forest, a wood of ancient Aleppo pines that adds a touch of mystery to the adventure.

Why Visit

The Grotta dei Baci is a paradise for snorkeling and spearfishing enthusiasts, thanks to the rich marine life that inhabits the nooks and crannies of its rocks. Moreover, its sheltered location makes it an ideal spot for boaters as well.

How to Get There

To reach this corner of paradise, you can start from Giba or Teulada, heading towards Sant’Anna Arresi and following the signs for Porto Pino. Once there, a short walk through the Candiani pine forest will lead you directly to the cliff.

Your Stay in Porto Pino

To fully enjoy this unique experience, choose the comfort and hospitality of the Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi. Located a short distance from the sea, it offers a warm welcome and a delicious breakfast to start your adventure to the Grotta dei Baci on the right foot.

Don’t miss the chance to discover one of Sardinia’s most fascinating treasures. Book your adventure to the Grotta dei Baci with Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi now!


Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi

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