Porto Pino

An immense expanse of pure white sand dunes.
Porto Pino, a gem in the lower Sulcis region.
The visual impact leaves one speechless. A vast expanse of pure white sand contrasting with the turquoise of the sea. One of the most beautiful landscapes of the island: located in the lower Sulcis area, precisely in Porto Pino, a beach stretching for four kilometers, one part of which is composed of sandy hills reaching up to thirty meters in height. This stretch of dunes, called Is Arenas Biancas, is part of the territory of Teulada. Unfortunately, it’s only accessible in the summer as it falls within the military polygon area. However, most of the beach can be visited during the rest of the year, in the Sant’Anna Arresi area: about three kilometers of fine sand, dunes, and azure sea, adorned with Mediterranean vegetation and rosemary shrubs.

If the dunes represent the most striking visual element, capable of leaving visitors speechless, the entire area possesses unparalleled beauty and value. We’ve mentioned the “hills.” The beaches are clean and pristine. The water is crystal clear. There are coves, the Is Brebeis pond frequented by various species of migratory birds (pink flamingos, kingfishers, little egrets), a diverse vegetation that includes Aleppo pines and ancient junipers. In addition to the Porto Pino beaches, there’s a fourth one, Porto Pinetto: the so-called “beach of the French,” overlooking emerald green waters.

Porto Pino - The Pearl of the Mediterranean

Porto Pino is located about 80 kilometers west of Cagliari, in the southwest of Sardinia, along the Gulf of Palmas.

Porto Pino is famous for its beautiful fine sandy beach and dunes, loved by families with children and a paradise for snorkeling and diving. The prevailing winds are ideal for windsurfing.

An ample and well-organized parking area provides you with direct access to the beach. The Dune Beach can be reached in a few minutes by car. Here too, you will find ample parking and all the amenities for a splendid day at the beach.

But in Porto Pino, you can also find a beautiful pine forest, a stunning cliff called Candiani, and continuing on you will reach the location of Porto Pinetto.

Porto Pinetto includes, in addition to a beautiful pine forest, the Beach of the French (or sa Bua), a crescent of white and fine sand, with coral fragments, immersing itself in shimmering waters ranging from emerald green to turquoise.

Sardinia is a land that exerts a great charm on anyone who visits. Its crystalline sea, cliffs, and white beaches have always been the favorite destination of vacationers from Italy and the rest of the world. Many celebrities choose it as the location for their weeks of relaxation. After all, it’s the most beautiful island in the world.

The beauty of Sardinia is measured in its endless landscapes and in a nature that is still miraculously untouched in most of its areas. Wherever you look, you can’t help but be enchanted by the sea, its traditions, and the remains of a past still visible.

“Sardinia is the place where colors are born before spreading throughout the world.”

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