The Dunes of Porto Pino – Is Arenas Biancas – The Caribbean of Sardinia

Porto Pino Dunes or “Is Arenas Biancas”

The Porto Pino Dunes are also known as “The Dunes of Is Arenas Biancas,” which in the Sardinian language means “the dunes of white sand.”

This name derives from the main characteristic of the dunes, namely the fine white sand that composes them and gives the landscape a unique beauty.
Spectacular dunes, some reaching up to 20 meters in height, shaped by the mistral wind that blows constantly along the southwest coast of Sardinia.
These dunes are made up of very fine and soft-to-the-touch white quartz sand, covered by a vegetation of shrubs and succulent plants that make the landscape even more captivating.

In any case, both the Italian name “Porto Pino Dunes” and the Sardinian name “Is Arenas Biancas Dunes” are commonly used to refer to this marvelous place.

The Caribbean of Sardinia

The Porto Pino Dunes are one of the most exciting and enchanting attractions in Sardinia, thanks to their pristine natural beauty.
A true hidden treasure in the splendid region of Sardinia, often compared to Caribbean landscapes due to its crystal-clear waters and fine white sand that stretches for over 4 kilometers.

The beach is much loved by tourists and locals alike, thanks to the unspoiled beauty of the place and its convenient location easily reachable from the nearby town of Sant’Anna Arresi.

The crystal-clear waters of this spectacular beach are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Despite being a highly frequented tourist destination during the summer season, the Porto Pino Dunes beach still maintains a natural and wild charm that makes it one of a kind. For this reason, it’s often chosen as a location for films and photoshoots.

In conclusion, the Porto Pino Dunes beach is a true gem of Sardinia, an ideal destination for those seeking a seaside vacation immersed in natural beauty and tranquility.


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