Porto Pino | The Pearl of the Mediterranean

Porto Pino, a charming seaside town in the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi, known as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” in the Southwest of Sardinia.

Its crystal-clear waters and fine, white sand make it the unrivaled queen of beaches in the Sulcis Iglesiente region and beyond.

Stretching along its gulf for about four kilometers, there is a natural pine forest with Aleppo pines, junipers, coastal oaks, rosemary, and various species of Mediterranean shrubs.

Its biodiversity makes the natural environment truly unique and of definite botanical interest. At the end of the second beach, majestic dunes rise up to 40 meters in height – “Is Arenas Biancas” – a wonder and masterpiece of nature. These dunes are subject to environmental protection to preserve their timeless value. The natural area is part of the European Union’s LIFE program aimed at the protection of the environment, encompassing habitat, species, and biodiversity, as well as the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.

Porto Pino, which has remained on the outskirts of the large construction and real estate speculation of the 60s/70s, has not suffered from environmental damage due to uncontrolled urbanization. Therefore, today it can boast a natural, uncontaminated environment that is unspoiled and pristine, offering a complete 360-degree experience.

All the ingredients are present to enjoy a dream vacation in an enchanting place, in close contact with nature that is at times wild.


Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi

  • Street Is Serras 23, street facing S.S. 195,
  • 09010 Sant’Anna Arresi
  • Sud Sardegna Italy
  • Phone +39 371 347 1456
  • Phone +39 348 933 2084
  • info@bbgliuliviportopino.it

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