Paradise is based in Sulcis – South West of Sardinia

Southwest of Sardinia – A Dream to Live !!!

Close your eyes for a moment, now imagine a paradisiacal place, bright, warm, and welcoming. Think about the color of the sky, the sea, the scents of an uncontaminated territory, well… now add a touch of magic, the gentle sound of waves caressing the shore, the breeze rustling through the typical plants of the area (holm oak, juniper, heather, strawberry tree, wild olive, carob, mastic, rockrose, spurge, broom, laurel, oleander, and chaste tree).

Open your eyes and look around, you’ve arrived at the marvelous Porto Pino Beach, in the southwest of Sardinia, in Sant’Anna Arresi and about 95 kilometers away from Cagliari.

The magnificent location of Porto Pino, known for its Beaches, Coves, and beautiful Pine Forest, stands out for the famous Dune Beach or Is Arenas Biancas.

This marvelous beach has almost unique characteristics. White sand dunes, transparency of the water, and the bay shape give a breathtaking character and beauty to one of the most appreciated beaches in the entire Mediterranean panorama.
The Beaches of Porto Pino stretch for almost 4 kilometers and are located between the territories of Sant’Anna Arresi and Teulada.

Activities in the Area

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, in the immediate surroundings of the area, you can find truly breathtaking attractions.

For about 2 years, a pedestrian and cycling path has also been created that connects Porto Pino with Sant’Anna Arresi.

The Gulf of Palmas

Porto Pino is part of the Gulf of Palmas.

Nature has been generous with these places, which boast an extraordinary scenic beauty.
The “exotic” colors, which have nothing to envy to other locations across the ocean, are just the tip of the iceberg of a wide variety of sites waiting to be discovered.

Kite Surfing in Porto Botte

The Gulf of Palmas in the Porto Botte area offers an attraction that has been gaining its splendor in recent years and is attracting more and more passionate people and tourists. We’re talking about Kite Surfing.

The Territory of Southwest Sardinia

The territory of the southwest of Sardinia, or “lower Sulcis,” is surrounded by small villages with plenty of greenery around. These offer numerous tourist attractions and well-organized facilities.
Enthusiasts of history, art, or good food have a wide selection of archaeological, naturalistic sites, and village festivals to choose from.

From Porto Pino to Is Zuddas Caves

A stone’s throw from Porto Pino, you can find the Necropolis of Montessu (Villaperuccio) and the marvelous and magical Is Zuddas Caves (Santadi).

But if you have a passion for good food, you have cause to celebrate thanks to the numerous traditional festivals that take place in these places.
They will surely satisfy your appetite.

The Sulcis Region also offers…

And no!!!
We’ll stop here to tell you about this fantastic corner of the Mediterranean and Sardinia.

If you want to discover more, and we assure you that there is so much more that will leave you amazed, all you have to do is Book Now.


Bed & Breakfast Gli Ulivi

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  • 09010 Sant’Anna Arresi
  • Sud Sardegna Italy
  • Phone +39 371 347 1456
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